Photography Services

I am currently offering the following services:

  • Interior photography
  • Real Estate photography
  • Product photography
  • Photography editing services


There are many factors that go into a photography project and unfortunately I am not able to mention a set rate without knowing the specifics of client photography needs. Please feel to contact me and I can gladly provide you with a quote shortly.

That being said, factors such as set-up and take-down requirements, COVID-19 safety measures involved, the granularity of the editing, equipment needed and the number of photos, all factor into the price quote that I can provide.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the measures that are needed, I will not be offering the following at this time:

  • Portrait photography
  • Event photography
  • Real estate photography where the space is occupied and currently used

COVID-19 measures that can be in place:

  • Client waivers regarding COVID-19 prevention measures taken
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Sanitizing equipment and surfaces coming into contact with
  • Ensuring adequate social distancing can take place